Core Curriculum

Academic Excellence


Critical Thinking

Cultural Awareness

Career Guidance

Going Beyond The Books

Our curriculum initiatives transcend the confines of traditional textbooks, directing our attention towards the holistic development of the child’s cognitive faculties to unveil latent creativity and foster independent thinking. The Bharat School remains steadfast in its commitment to providing students with superlative learning resources designed to nurture young minds. Our institution facilitates enriching experiences through meticulously planned field trips, creative competitions, and a spectrum of diverse activities, all aimed at instilling confidence and resilience in our esteemed students.

Practical Learning

At The Bharat School, we are dedicated to fostering practical learning experiences that extend beyond traditional classrooms and textbooks. Through meticulously organized workshops, we empower our students with practical knowledge, enabling them to grasp the real-world applications of their studies.

Class Edge

Class Edge is an innovative and comprehensive educational solution from Tata Class Edge. Tinkerbelle School entered into a partnership with TCE in 2011 to provide phygital learning solution for pre-primary children. The curriculum ensures skill-building across all domains to help students:

  • Communicate with confidence
  • Connect with joy of learning
  • Care for their space


Aligned with CBSE affiliation, our academic assessments adhere to the national curriculum, regularly updated per CBSE directives. We maintain individual student portfolios to document progress. Annual report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and open communication channels are integral.

Career Guidance Cell

In the contemporary landscape of diverse career options, students frequently encounter the challenge of selecting the optimal path. Our proficient career guidance cell, well-versed in discerning ideal options, adeptly assists students in illuminating their future trajectories. Employing discerning parameters, we judiciously recommend suitable career paths tailored to each student’s unique strengths and aspirations.
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