Frequently Asked Questions

The British School Transformation to The Bharat School

The change aligns with our commitment to cultural integration and educational excellence.

No, our values remain the same.

The change will be effective from the next academic session (2024-25).

Our focus on quality education remains unwavering.

“Tinkerbelle: The Junior branch of The Bharat School” replaces the previous name.

No, there are slight changes to uniform which will be a gradual process. We are updating our logo on all school assets including the uniform.

No, ownership remains unchanged.

Reach out to our Front Desk for a one-on-one discussion with the administration. Leave your queries with our front desk & the admin team will get back to you in 24 hours.

Yes, we welcome your feedback during the individual discussion or through the school pad.

The change aims to enhance cultural integration and global competitiveness.

Details about any celebratory events will be shared in due course.

Yes, over a period of time & the same will be communicated to the parents. Yes, communication will remain on the School Pad.

Yes, for classes & students till March 2024.

The name was selected to embody our commitment to national values and global education standards.

No, our affiliations remain the same.

Yes, all digital platforms will reflect the new name.

We have a detailed transition plan in place to minimize disruptions.